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Cybermate Logo
Welcome to Cybermate Technologies Limited!
Cybermate Technologies Limited is one of the largest providers of training and development solutions in Nigeria and across West Africa. We provide Information Technology & Robotics Training For schools across the nation as well as consultancy and human capital development services to telecoms, government agencies, oil & gas companies, financial institutions and organizations across all industries and business sectors.
Our solutions range from training and development programs in business, technology and leadership, to consultancy services in the areas of recruitment, team building, performance management, assessment centers and career development.
We equip schools with state of the art ICT facilities at no cost to the school with cutting edge Technology. The goal of our school curriculum is to make African students functional users of technologies instead of being surface users of Technology; our classroom studies are practical oriented handled by season's professionals with track record in the industry.

We help organisations to:
  • Develop effective leaders, managers and team members
  • Discover and overcome competency gaps
  • Measure and improve performance
  • Build teams and improve communication
  • Recruit and retain talent
  • Build a knowledge culture
  • Create an organisation-wide competency framework
  • Stay competitive by using cutting-edge technology
We deliver the highest quality of training - and when we say quality, we know exactly what it means.

Vision Statement

"To be a global corporation known for Human Capacity Development"
Since its establishment, Cybermate Technologies Limited has emerged as a leading education, training and consulting organization having built strong competencies in business excellence through robust academic- and research-oriented processes, to deliver superior customer-centric programs

Mission Statement

"Empowerment through Information Technology"
I.T. is an empowering tool, which when appropriately utilized, leads to an increase in productivity improvements and prosperity at the individual, organizational, societal, national and global levels.