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Cybermate Technologies Limited Schools Facilities

We provide world-class ICT & Robotics lab for all our partner schools at no cost to the school. Our goal is to ensure a student to a computer per school ratio. The facilities provided depend on the number of students per class.
Our school lab is equipped with Wi-Fi internet facilities, state of the art electronic board, cooling systems etc.
Give us a call today for your school to benefit from CTL school program.

For more enquiry on how your school can benefit from Our 'ICT & Robotics lab for school' programme , please contact Ope on:

Tel: 08063471844
World-class training & robotics facilities

Cybermate Technologies Limited boasts world-class training facilities - from the state-of-the-art ICT labs in each of our centres nationwide, to the sophisticated Robotics lab in each of our partner schools across the country.