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We are not a recruitment agency. We are a learning organization that helps teams transfer knowledge, design and build HR processes, analyse and develop competencies, manage performance and achieve goals. We also identify who are the right people for the job, help you retain the best talent and maximize the potential of your leaders.
Our extensive experience combined with a thorough understanding of the culture, business and economy of the region mean that we can offer insights that will equip your people for success.

We help organisations to:
  • analyse roles in concrete terms, and set tasks, objectives, KPIs
  • define the skills and competencies needed for success in a role
  • structure roles into meaningful job families
  • transfer knowledge to HR teams enabling self-sufficiency in competency design
  • develop organization-wide competency frameworks
  • bring competencies to life by linking to a range of HR processes
  • redesign HR processes to integrate new competencies

A major part of our approach to managing HR is to develop a competency framework that fits your organisation's needs. A well-designed competency framework is a key link between the skills, attitudes and attributes required by the individual and the tasks required by the job.
Taking time to identify these competencies can save you time and money by helping you recruit the right people for the job and ensure existing staff are working in the areas of your business where they can be most effective.