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Training solutions that deliver results

We have engineered the learning process in order to bridge the divide between the training environment and the workplace. By shifting the focus from knowledge-based activities to a results-driven functional learning model, we build strong links between training outcomes and job performance.

The right training at the right time

We believe in delivering focused, just-in-time training, where participants are able to immediately apply newly acquired skills and knowledge. Providing information months or years before it is required or used will offer little impact and may not deliver the results organizations are expecting.
Development plans are becoming increasingly individualised - training that works for the whole organisation or even for the whole department cannot fulfill the requirements of each and every individual employee. The fact that we provide total training solutions - from leadership development to router configuration - enables us to build individual development plans that not only give each staff member the opportunity to grow, but offer organisations unmatched efficiency and granularity.

Training delivery methods

Many training organisations will limit the knowledge potential of your organisation by using only a single training delivery method.
Here at Cybermate Technologies Limted we have the know-how and the technology to fulfill your training requirements by using the full range of training delivery options. Through specially designed assessments we can discover the training methods that meet the individual learning style of each employee, and we build development plans that cater to those needs.

Our Approach to Training